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Stock NumberCS-1152-SSI


General Specifications: A- Siemens Panel: Type: P4, Cat. No.: P4E60ML800ABS, MAX Amps: 800, Dimensions 32"W x 10'D x 60'H B- Siemens Panel: Type: P3, Cat. No.: P3B80LX600ABS, MAX Amps: 600, Dimensions 24" W x 7.75"D x 80"H C- Siemens Panel: Type: P1, Cat. No.: P1E42ML250ABSN, MAX Amps: 250, Dimensions 20"W x 6.5"D x 38"H D- General Electric: A-Series II, Cat. AEU3302RCX, No.: AXB4, MAX Amps: 225, Dimensions 20"W x 6"D x 38"H E- Electric Panel with Transformers: (3) ABB CMF Transformers, Model #: TEC1900331, Dimensions 30"W x 13"D x 30"H F- Electric Panel with SSW07 Soft-Starter: Model # EXSSW070200T5SZ, MAX Amps: 200, VAC: 220-575, (75/150HP @ 230/460V) Built in By-Pass, Dimensions 35.5"W x 12"D x 36"H G- Siemens Panel: Enclosure: Type 1, Cat. No.: P1224L3125CU, MAX Amps: 125, Dimensions 16"W x 4"D x 22"H H- Electric Panel: Dimensions 20"W x 8"D x 24"H I- Empty Electric Panel: Dimensions 24"W x 7"D x 24"H